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Power Club #1 - There's a ghost in my mouth and it talks in my sleep

Welcome to the Super Opinionated Power Club, which is a way better title than the Courtney Club for Girls, but you're basically in the Courtney Club for Girls. Are you not a girl? Nobody cares, hence the different name. Also I didn't want to put my name in the newsletter, despite this being a...spinoff?...of my own blog, because. Fuck, idk, I'm having a weird year.


Speaking of, it's halfway through the year, how is everyone feeling about our ostensible color of 2014, Radiant Orchid? I keep trying to work it into my life but I find myself either softening it down to a pastel or amping it up to a neon -- the actual color still makes me think, "really? that?" when I look at it. We could have had it all, International Klein Blue.


The artist Bartholomäus Traubeck mapped the rings of a tree to a generative process that outputs piano music aka listen to what it sounds like when you play tree rings like an LP. (Spoiler: it sounds cool as fuck and almost makes me want to make a fanvid for something, except I can only think of either The Lorax or Nell as potential source material, and both of those movies were very shitty, albeit for very different reasons. Don't bother suggesting other things I could use; I never actually make fanvids.) (Also the obvious and only answer is Fern Gully.)

The headline on this product rec is ableist as all get out, but the product they recommend is, it turns out, actually really amazing. (For reasons not worth exploring at this juncture, I found myself in a massive, two-story Target last week, and the rows upon rows of bright, back-lit beauty products were simultaneously blinding and soothing. It was like certain parts of The Secret of NIMH combined with certain parts of The Matrix. I never wanted to leave, but then I tried on shorts. Never try on shorts.)

E3 was last week, which means that last week I remembered I could add "E3" to the Tumblr XKit Blacklist extension! The only thing related to E3 I gave my time to was this NPR Morning Edition segment, which covers the embarrassing lack of diversity in the videogames on display (and the videogame industry itself). Speaking of videogames, here's Britney Spears playing a PS2 while Justin Timberlake looks on in support (originally photographed for Hello in 2001):



The new opening credits for this season of Teen Wolf are out (for comparison, you can watch last season's opening credits here), and I have a lot of feelings:

  • I guess this season deals with people from Mexico and/or other countries in Central and/or South America (and please, whatever deities that can hear me, let the show runners have a clear understanding that all those places are different -- signs point to STRONG MAYBE), so possibly that is why the ambient dust level is WAY HIGHER all over the credits? Whatever, at least Scott isn't levitating anymore. Smacking the ground and generating a dust cloud doesn't have a lot to do with being a werewolf, but at least it's a thing that is within the scope of Scott's abilities.
  • Anyone who is sad that Stiles isn't just wandering around in front of his Jeep anymore, get the hell away from me. (Seriously though, his new segment clearly demonstrates his character and his role on the contrast, everyone else's is at least a bit vague and confusing)
  • (I like how Stiles, amongst the dead bodies and newspaper articles and whatever hints for this season are on his board, has got profile shots of Derek and Peter up there, no reason, just don't really trust them remotely at all, also Derek is a nice face to stare at sometimes maybe. #justletmehavethis)
  • Derek is still reenacting Peter's resurrection from season 2, I still think of this every single time I see it and therefore laugh.
  • They took out Lydia's screaming, why did they take out Lydia's screaming, I didn't need to see Lydia flip her goddamn hair like Gilda, I kind of do need to see her scream her face off like the darling banshee goddess of flawless perfection she is, tho.
  • Malia Tate is lost in a moss cave and all I want her to do is tell me what happened between her and Stiles on that gross couch in that murder basement last season. Did he go downtown? Was it p-in-v sex? Dry humping? What? Literally every scene on Teen Wolf this season that is not one character discussing with another character what acts of sexual congress Stiles visited upon Malia, or had visited upon him, so that I can finally know how much carnal knowledge Stiles has finally acquired, is just wasted airtime in my professional opinion. For a show that is all about its characters enthusiastically flinging off their clothes and then showing glistening thrusting backs and legs wrapped around waists and multiple shots from multiple angles of tongues in mouths, to do the fingers-entwined-then-fade-to-black basically implies to me that Malia and Stiles either 1) did literally only that and then went straight to spooning (which is really sad for everyone involved) or 2) stumbled upon some sort of intense ritual of sex so obscure and bizarre it is unspeakable in the world of Teen Wolf, and the uncertainty is ruining my life.
  • There is a very legitimate complaint to be made about perky new Asian girl Kira suddenly becoming a magical katana-wielding samurai bad ass, but given this show's history, I think we all need to take a step back and slow-clap the fact that this girl made it through an entire season of Teen Wolf alive at all. And now here she is in the opening credits! Progress, not perfection. That said, the continued imagery of perky new Asian girl Kira slinging around a katana is um, yeah. Sigh. There is more to Kira than that! For starters, bitch can shoot lightning! Did you not consider maybe showing her shoot lightning? That's less tied up in stereotypes and will probably get you yelled at way less by Tumblr, show runners!
  • The fact that this show can now include a montage of unfortunate tattoos the actors had already or went out and got during production that the writers have written into the mythology of Teen Wolf is...well, I mean. There it is. It is a fact.
  • I WILL POSSIBLY NEVER BE OVER THE DEATH OF ALLISON ARGENT. RIP YOU PERFECT ANGEL. Someone made fanart of Lydia holding one of Allison's arrows and looking extremely sad and I didn't save it so I can't link you so it and I think it was my brain's way of protecting me because it was the worstbest.


[...] Of The Week:

Made me cry: "A New Normal: Ten Things I've Learned About Trauma" by Catherine Woodiwiss

Fanfic pairing: Shepard from Mass Effect + Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time (great NPC romance path or GREATEST NPC ROMANCE PATH, fuck everything, let's make Mass Effect 4 just for this)

GIF: I should probably try to actually watch Adventure Time if it's got shit like this happening

Tumblr: Britney Inventions

Subject line song: Florence and the Machine - I'm not calling you a liar


Will every Power Club newsletter be like this? Oh my god.

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