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Power Club #2 - I know this world is killing you

Welcome to another week of the Super Opinionated Power Club! I feel like an entirely different, much older person writing this, I cannot believe it's only been a week. It's still June? Who let that happen? I have a hard time narrowing down my emotions to any single descriptor or image, but for the purposes of our time together, just imagine that the person in this animated gif is writing to you. I think that'll serve you well for the foreseeable future. Hi, glad to have you back.


Okay so let's get it out of the way early: hooray/oh no, the season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf did in fact air on televisions across the nation (globe?) on Monday. 


If you're not reading the recaps of Teen Wolf, you should start, they're perfect. Also, remember that time Allison took the man's gun like her dad asked? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WASN'T IN LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE? Whatever. RIP Ally A. Anyway, the show happened! It'll keep happening every week! Right now I'm still in shock that I got to see Dylan O'Brien act with his mouth AND basically everything that happened in the episode is something I've read in a fanfic at some point in my lifetime. It's cool, it's fine, it's great, I'm totally a grown adult.

Speaking of being too old for things, here's this article about newsletters and how they're becoming popular again (oh hey you're currently reading one, you're probably the target audience). My initial and overwhelming reaction to that article keeps being, "why are you writing about 2003 as if that's a long time to have spent interacting with people on the internet?" (Two days ago I actually spent a significant amount of time and energy letting myself remember and fondly miss my first real internet community, and that was back in 1995. It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan forum, hobviously. ...This is not to be confused with my first broader internet contact zone, which was AOL chat rooms in 1993. Did you know if you lie about your age and ask dudes to send you naked pictures of themselves, they actually will do that for some reason? 12-year-old me learned that very quickly.) 

Watch people slap each other (NO BUT IT'S CUUUUUTE) (also it's fun to play the "who just found a new kink" game watching these people)

It's officially the time of year when I start accidentally sunburning myself in weird places, which means it's also the time of year I start getting gross zits on my neck because I forget to use the intended-for-the-face sunblock there and just slather on the sporty "won't sweat off even though you're about to walk 40 minutes to work" stuff, because I'm easily confused in the mornings. My two-pronged solution for this is Neutrogena Visibly Even SPF 30 all over my head during the day and then actually remembering to remove the product from my neck at night (my preferred method is Bioderma Sensibio H20, because Lisa Eldridge said so and I do what Saint Lisa says). Neck zits are the worst, why do we even have skin on the neck, anyway? I think a series of small, overlapping scales would serve me far better.

Friend of the show Squinky Kiai just released demo footage of their graduate thesis project, Coffee: A Misunderstanding, and you should go watch it, and read about the project, immediately. It's the most exciting work in the broad, fuzzy-boundaried realm of "interactive play" (most commonly called games (and often videogames confuse themselves for it)) that I have seen in recent memory. Seriously, so many feelings, just refer back to that gif I gave you at the start of this letter.

I ran my first race yesterday, a 5k with 12,000 people (which I...don't know if I recommend as a first time?). My face matched my hair afterwards, but they gave us free ice cream, and I am self-aware enough to say that I would have been a lot more excited about the whole process had I known that there was free ice cream at the end. A thing I realized about races is that nobody else can run them for you...which is obvious but whatever, I had a Moment. Also a thousand blessings to whoever it was blasting inspiring finish-line-type music from their Comm Ave apartment around Mile 2, that was great of you.

[...] Of The Week:

Penpal: Sign up to be a penpal to LGBTQ prisoners who don't hear from friends & family on the outside anymore

Fanart: This How To Train Your Dragon poster

Gif: Given the content of the last Power Club newsletter, this gif is essentially stone cold proof that The Secret is real, right? Right.

Fanfic Pairing: Captain America and Tuxedo Mask (I am actually a little upset at how good they would be together)

Subject Line Song: Elvis Costello - Alison (STILL NOT OVER HER DEATH ON TEEN WOLF, probably because I listen to this song every day.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go crawl through the fanfiction sewers to see what Teen Wolf fandom has been doing with de-aged Derek Hale...hopefully Stiles is involved. #justletmehavethis

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