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Super Opinionated Power Club #10 ~ I roll and I roll 'til I change my luck

Welcome to another meeting of the Super Opinionated Power Club!

I'm extremely jet-lagged today, so it's going to be one of those. I was in Portland, Oregon for what felt like the conference equivalent of a post-divorce "I'm your pal, not your 'parent'!" court-mandated visitation. (My spouse spoke at XOXO, an event whose runners felt comfortable announcing "lower your expectations" and labeling everything an "experiment" while charging all 1,000+ attendees $500.) This is, in fact, what I'm like when I sort of like something -- somewhere in there is a worthwhile experience, I think? I would go back (for free) again...maybe.

The Most Important Thing in the World

One Direction has a new song! And it is smooooooooth! Put on a captain's hat and a scarf and let's all sail the fuck away together to this one, kids! Did someone accidentally turn on a demo drum track on a vintage Casio keyboard and nobody could switch it off and somebody (Niall) was like, "No, wait, I can work with this..."? I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I expect that Hannah and I will discuss this in the next episode of This Is Why We're Friends (we did another one! ...but the audio disappeared D: ). Probably the best way to keep up with these chats we have about Twitter trending topics (aaaaand whatever else we feel like) is to watch this space as I will continue to link you to them. ~~Trans-Media Strategy~~

Time's Inexorable March

I'm extra-behind this week, but if you didn't see these two things on The Toast, go read them now please. I think they just about sum up recent fuckery re: paternalized attitudes towards women and the harmful actions such attitudes can lead to.

Thankfully, everything passes, including us.

Stare at This Immediately

Less of a Stare than a Listen this week: have you ever thought to yourself, "self, I wish there was a way I could meditate on loss and love even more when listening to the Frank Ocean song 'Thinking About You'." Well then thisabsolutely perfect mash-up with Aaliyah's 'One in a Million' will treat you just right. (Ugly cry warning on this. But so necessary.) 

[...] of the Week

Made me cry: Oh, cripes, everything, I'm a newborn baby and just glad to be here
Quote: "I don't want to die before truly being myself" -- Janet Mock
Subject line song: One Direction - Fireproof

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