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Super Opinionated Power Club #9: Don't take me for granted, just take me there

Welcome to another meeting of the Super Opinionated Power Club!

Today I am angry and tired, truly the finest combination of feelings and sure to bring out my most charming personality. A week ago I wanted summer to never end, but now it is September, so who said it could be 90 degrees and humid anymore? What monstrous person permitted this to continue? Have them removed from my sight, apologies shouted earnestly as they're dragged over a cliff by a swarm of mechanized wasps. Autumnal wasps.

This is why I generally stay home from work whenever I have to take migraine medication.


The Most Important Thing in the World

Last week as an experiment, I asked my friend Hannah to do a live web show together where she explained Twitter trending topics to me. We feel it was a success (success is defined here as "we had fun"), so we're doing it again on Friday. You can ask questions via typing on your keyboard if you watch live and if that's a thing you're into! I may or may not sticker a crown onto Hannah/myself for part or all of the discussion! Etc.


Time's Inexorable March

  • The videogame industry is still laughably bullshit, as is the videogame press. I'm too tired of the unnourishing garbage continuing to happen to regurgitate up any links to dangle in front of you, dear readers. Proposed solution: destroy both immediately, make art elsewhere, write cultural criticism and investigative journalism elsewhere.
  • Ferguson, MO continues to be a center of crucial protest in the face of racist inaction in American "justice". I strongly recommend following the iwriteaboutfeminism tumblr for good daily summaries of what's going on.


Stare at This Immediately

A truly massive resource list of articles to read for white people. There, fellow white people, plenty of words written Just For You.

...also lest you think I only pay attention to videogames because I enjoy writing about rape culture, I encourage you to spend a day playing Horse Master and 80 Days back to back. Do you consider them set in the same universe, the former a poisoned dagger twisted into the back of the latter? I sure do.

[...] of the Week

Animated gif: Laverne Cox stanning excellently for Beyonce at the VMAs

Fanfic pairing: Rory Gilmore and Han Solo. [COME. ON.]

Tumblr: genderoftheday

Subject line song: Paperwhite - Take Me Back

Super Opinionated Power Club #10 ~ I roll and I roll 'til I change my luck

Promises, Promises